Gui Fei Oolong

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The special withering and oxidation of this Gui Fei Oolong creates a boozy profile with upfront notes of brandy, apricots, yellow plum wine and fermented honey. More nuanced notes and aromas of rye, fallen apples, apple blossom honey, loquat fruit, rye and over ripe pit fruits are apparent.

Lu Gu, located in the mountains of central Taiwan is one of the first tea growing regions on the island beginning around the late 1860s. This area is also the birthplace for Dong Ding oolong production and its sophisticated oxidation , ball rolled shaping and baking techniques. The evolution of knowledge and skill has led to highly prized, ball shaped oolong teas from this area for decades. Gui Fei was develop around 1980's-90's at Lu Gu, where local artisans sought to create a new tea with the fermented honey sweetness and fruity flavors of Bai Hao Oolong using their traditional ball rolled Dong Ding Oolong Tea techniques. The harvest season for Gui Fei Cha is between spring and summer and mainly produced from Jin Xuan Taiwan Tea cultivar No.12. Gui Fei translates to "Royal Concubine", while there was no such female, the romance of the name sticks alluding truthfully to the aged, yet elegant leaves needed to create this type of oolong.

 Organic Ingredient: Oolong tea