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Soul Chocolate

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This is an elevated version of the chocolate consciously in Ontario.

Matcha white chocolate bar

Both dark chocolate and milk chocolate use the whole cacao seed as a main ingredient, whereas white chocolate is made without the presence of cocoa solids. Neat, eh? We balance the sweetness of this white chocolate with a ceremonial grade matcha. Get ready to experience the unique earthy qualities that we love so much from this green tea.

Masala chai milk chocolate bar

Masala chai is made by brewing black tea with a mixture of Indian spices and herbs. It is more commonly known to us simply as 'Chai' when roaming through the bustling streets of India.

They blend together cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, cloves, ginger, and Assam tea; creating a uniquely sweet and savoury chocolate bar.

Lavender Dark  chocolate bar

Spring is one of the most exciting seasons for us. Not only have our toes thawed out from the Canadian winter, everything seems to come alive. The trees burst with leaves, flowers bloom, and we release fun and flavourful chocolates like this lavender dark milk chocolate!


Great tasting chocolate is a well deserved thrill. All of Soul Chocolate products are made with real, traceable ingredients. They source with intention to ensure that every ingredient, and the people that produce them along the way, is treated with care before it reaches our hands.