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Japanese Teas

The whole ideal of Teaism is a result of this zen conception of greatness in the smallest incidents of life. ~OSHO

Japanese tea is known for its bright colour, fresh flavour, and scientifically proven health benefits. Our tea growers believe that every step of the tea-making process is absolutely indispensible. They use cutting edge technology that goes into our tea’s production.  

Organic tea production is still rare in Japan, and is mostly meant for international markets. We work with environmentally conscious and skilled Japanese organic producers to source teas that are not only pesticide free but also deeply flavourful. 

Our organic japanese teas come from the Uji and Kagoshima regions. They are labeled JAS Organic, which is the certification beholding the strictest standard of organic production in Japan.

  1. Strawberry Green - Jolene's Tea House
  1. Matcha powder - Jolene's Tea House
  1. Snowy Mountain Genmai - Jolene's Tea House
  1. Sencha Yamabuki - Jolene's Tea House
  1. Mint Green Chai - Jolene's Tea House
  1. Hojicha - Jolene's Tea House
  1. Gyokuro Mizuumi - Jolene's Tea House