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Wholesale Program

We offer over 60 hand-blended, organic teas made in Banff National Park. Over 15 years, we have selected the finest ingredients from around the world to make our teas. Our selection ranges from everyone’s classic favourites, to health-inspired herbal blends, to the most exclusive shade-grown, hand-picked Japanese green teas.
  • We offer wholesale for retail, as well as looseleaf, teabag, and iced tea programs for foodservice.
  • We will provide free consultation to custom design your tea program, including tea selection, display and service options.
  • We work with unique establishments of any size and location. Some of our existing clients include Skoki Lodge, Rocky Mountain Bagel Co., Banff Hospitality Collective restaurants, Canadian Mountain Holidays, Apothocary YYC, Pursuit Destination Experiences, and Concord Group restaurants in Calgary.

    If you are interested in purchasing Jolene’s Tea House products for retail or foodservice purposes, please contact us at


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