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Mint Green Chai

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The colors, sights and textures that you can find in the mountains come to life as you sit still for a closer examination. A hundred different shades of green in one glance, or rock faces with more intricate lines than one could possibly replicate with a pencil. This tea has also many layers. A full-bodied sweetness, bold mint flavour and zesty notes of cardamom, ginger and spices. Mint Green Chai can be infused like tea or boiled with sugar, water and/or prepared with milk like a classic chai latte. Made strong and sweetened, this blend soothes the sinuses and throat.

Hand-blended Organic Ingredients: Premium sencha green tea, cardamom, peppermint, hojicha, licorice root, ginger, fennel, whole pod cardamom, clove, black pepper.