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Drinking tea in Banff

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Follow our staff favourite activities during the summer.

Sunrise under Cascade Mountain

My favourite summer ritual in Banff is leaving the house at 7am armed with a full, hot mug of tea,  and heading out in the fresh quiet morning air to feed my horses.  The boys hear my truck pull up to the corral and they hang their heads over the gate eager to greet me.  I’m usually the only human soul on site at the time.  Cascade towers above me it’s magnificent face shines in the sun.  After chores, I take a chair into the horses pen and enjoy savouring each sip- no one is in a rush here.   My loveable giants enjoy my company sniffing my mug, my cheeks, and my hair stealing their snuggles while they are close.  
Jolene, Founder-Owner

Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Two Jack Lake
I like to take a break of intense hikes on a stand Up Paddle Board. Two Jack Lake is my favourite place for a peaceful Before/Afterwork in Banff. The view on these large peaks makes me feel small and humble. Favourite tea to take out with me on the water: Summer Daze, fresh and invigorating!
Katia, Store Manager

Dog-Walking at Cascade Ponds
My absolute favorite thing to do in the summer is to leave my phone at home and take my dog Roxy to Cascade Ponds. I lay out a picnic blanket, sip on my iced Coconut Pouchong, and soak up the sun while Roxy makes friends with all of the lake goers.  
Emily, Operations Manager

Early morning walk up Tunnel Mountain
I like to start my day with a brisk walk up Tunnel combined with some yoga and meditation at the top! My Favourite tea to take along is the Snowy Mountain Genmai with a small piece of dark chocolate.
Tova, Tea Advisor

Walking along the Bow River

In the mornings, I like to walk along the Bow Avenue path, bordering the scenic landscape of the Bow River. The view of the sun rising above the mountains, glimmering into flares behind their peaks is a refreshing and regenerative moment of the day. A wonderful tea suited to a picturesque promenade is our Cinnamon plum tea. Additionally, the tea improves my focus throughout the day, it relaxes my body and energizes my spirit.
Ji Won, Tea Advisor


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