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Wildflowers & Whiskey Podcast with Karina Birch

Wildflowers & Whiskey Podcast with Karina Birch

Enjoy this insightful conversation with Karina Birch a long-time resident of the Canadian Rockies, mother of three, and co-founder and CEO of Rocky Mountain Soap Co. 
Karina shares her perspective on a work/life/parenting balance.

As a leader in the natural beauty industry, Karina masterfully leads us through her approach to reach peak balance and happiness. 
Through her years of experience, she shares stories about how to manage expectations and build a stable bridge between family and work. 
Her Motto: ''Look for the patterns that have built informal expectations and take the time to unwind them and rebuild.'’

In her quiet moments outside the office, Karina enjoys animal tracking, a fascinating way to stay both grounded and present. 
"Self-care is not about burning yourself out and taking a day to recover… it needs to happen in small moments every day.”⁠ 
Enjoy this candid conversation between Jolene and Karina and be sure to tell us what you've learned and will adopt into your daily rituals in comments. 

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