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Lavender London Fog Recipe

Lavender London Fog Recipe

Looking for a refreshing tea to sip on during the blooming Spring season? Our Lavender Earl combines the enchanting fragrance of organic lavender blossoms from Greece with the stimulating citrusy scent of bergamot. With its soothing perfume and smooth taste, this exquisite blend perfectly pairs freshly baked scones for an authentic afternoon tea or for the first brunches outside!

Spring is a friendly season that greets us with crisp mornings and pleasant afternoons, offering the perfect balance of coolness and warmth exactly like this Lavender London Fog Recipe!

Fun fact: did you know that the London Fog was invented in Vancouver? Technically it is an Earl Grey Tea Latte, but made in Canada!



While a tea latte is traditionally made with the same amount of water and milk, we suggest using the ratio 1:2 for a stronger taste.


1- Boil water and steep Lavender Earl Grey into a mug (6 oz) for 3-5 min. Use a tea bag or strain the loose-leaf tea.

2- Heat up gently your milk and use a frother for extra foam

3- Poor the milk into your mug and add a splash of vanilla extract



Make it iced!

Steep Lavender Earl Grey, and pour over iced, top-up with cold milk

Make it a Tea Infused Cocktail

Make a syrup of the Lavender Earl Grey - equal part of water and sugar- to make yourself a delicious Lavender syrup at any time of the day or create a unique cocktail (find inspiration here) with Park Distillery Gin.


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