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Wildflowers & Whisky : Celebrating strong women of the Canadian Rockies - Jolene's Tea House

Wildflowers & Whisky : Celebrating strong women of the Canadian Rockies

Join us for inspiring conversations with the strong women of Banff National Park.
Hosted by Jolene Brewster at Jolene's Tea House. Watch Now

Jolene Brewster founder of Jolene's Tea House started her business here in Banff almost 20 years ago. This hard working local lady found her way to success in this tough mountain town following the path of can-do women who are community leaders, business leaders, artists, advocates, and mothers always willing to lend a helping hand or share a thread of wisdom.


Wildflowers & Whisky is a celebration of strong women in the Canadian Rockies.

Women's role in the Rockies has been hidden from society, perhaps if there is an advantage to this, it has allowed us to raise our families, build a warm community around us, and at the same time offered us the freedom to climb, ski, and explore these beautiful mountains without judgment.

We will introduce you to the women from Banff who "Walk the Talk". Enjoy our conversations though video or podcast.

We believe the adventure begins with tea, so, put the kettle on and let's celebrate women's strength success and find how they created a beautiful connections in the face of adversity.



Wildflowers or Whisky?

Jolene is an Alberta Cowgirl. Her wildflower side is apparent as a loving wife, mother of two, and friend to all she meets. We all have a whiskey side as well, being a mountain woman means being tough, showing true strength and tenacity to fight through whatever life throws at you. During her time as a single mom and entrepreneur she rode out the good times and bad working hard and putting one foot in front of the other. Mental breaks are found in the mountains horseback riding, skiing, and exploring on foot- that thermos of tea has been up countless peaks and endless trails. The inspiration she finds in the back country gives her the creative energy she needs for a new solution, new project, a new page in the book. Jolene takes advantage of her whiskey temperament, earthy, warm, and a bit of spice.

We all have our Wildflowers and Whiskey side. What are your moments?
Follow us to discover Life in the Town of Banff through the eyes of strong women who have lived their share and have lots to share with you. Stay Tuned these inspirational conversations that will be released throughout 2022.
Enjoy our episodes through video and podcast.

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